Homily Resources for Feasts

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Holy Trinity (Fiftieth day after Easter)


Annunciation March 25 : Luke 1:26-38 The birth of Jesus foretold.

Christmas December 25: Luke 2:1-20 The Birth of Jesus Christ.

Circumcision and Holy Name of Jesus January 1: Luke 2:21.

Presentation of Jesus in the Temple February 2: Luke 2:21-38.

Baptism of Jesus / Feast of Ephiphany January 6 Matthew 3:13-17

Feast of Pentacost (Holy Spirit comes down on the Apostles) Acts 2:1-13.

Feast of Corpus Christ / The body and blood of Christ Thursday after the Feast of the Most Holy Trinity John 6:51-59 This is the life-giving bread that came down from heaven.

Feast of Sacred Heart Friday after the octave of Corpus Christi, John 19:30-37 The Pierced Heart.

Christ the King Fourth Sunday of the Dedication of the Church: Matthew 22:41-46 Christ sits at the right side of God.

Divine Mercy Sunday Resurrection Second Sunday (St. Thomas): John 20:19-29 Thomas the apostle professes his faith in Jesus.


Feast of Pentacost Acts 2:1-13 Holy Spirit comes down on the Apostles


Palm Sunday: Matthew 21: 1-17 Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem.

Pesaha (Holy) Thursday Seventh Thursday of Lent: John 13:1-14+ Mathew 26:26-30 Washing of the feet and Institution of Holy Eucharist (Qurbana).

Passion (Good) Friday Seventh Friday of Lent : Part I Lk 22:63-23:12 + Mt 27:19 + Lk 23:13-23 + Mt 27:24-25 + Lk 23:24-45+ Mt. 27:51-54+Jn. 19:23-30 Passion of Christ.
Part II Jn 19:31-42.

Easter Sunday The Resurrection of Christ: Mt 27:57-61, Mk 15:42-47, Lk 23:50-56, Jn 19:38-42, Mt 27:62-66, 28:1-10, Mk 16:1-8, Lk 24:1-12, Jn 20:1-10, Mk 16:9-11, Jn 20:11-18, Mk 16:12-13, Lk 24:13-35, 24:36-49, Jn 20:19-23, Mt 28:11-15.


Immaculate Conception of Our Lady December 8 : Luke 1:46-55 The Magnificat.

Assumption of our Lady August 15

Our Lady of Guadalupe December 12


St. Joseph March 19 & May 1.


Dukhrana of St. Thomas Apostle July 3.

St. Thomas Resurrection Second Sunday (Divine Mercy Sunday): John 20:19-29 Thomas the apostle professes his faith in Jesus.



St. Mark, The Evangelist April 25.

St. Anthony June 13.

St. Sebastian January 20.

St. Stephen, the first martyr December 26.